Fields of Application

MyVisualField Test

Fields of Application

Test del campo visivo - MyVisualFieldTest

Perimetria automatizzata

Conforming to the standards

The App has already adopted the correct perimetric standards to be able to offer tests similar to traditional ones used to measure the visual field. It has all the basic features of automated perimetry: the central focal point, the pinpoint light sources and the clicker to register the perception of the light stimuli.

The App processes the results of the tests carried out, obtaining a representation of the light stimuli though colour modulation using the RGB scale. In this way, international test standards and the basic features of automated perimetry are retained.

In MyVisualField Test you find the central focal point, the pinpoints of light of varying brightness, the location of the blind spot and its multiple repetition to check the steadiness of gaze and the clicker to record the perception of the light stimuli.

MyVisualField Test

Fields of Application

The problem of brightness in MyVisualField Test is resolved, just as with automated perimetry test machines, uses the logarithmic scale. The reproduction of the pin-point light stimuli is obtained by colour modulation through the use of the RGB scale.

MyVisualField Test uses a mesopic strategy and supplies a background voice (which can be heard both before and during the test) which reminds users not to lose concentration and to provide reliable results.

It offers you the chance to perform a kinetic visual field test. Two viewfinders of different sensitivities define two isopters which minimally exceed 30°.

The average duration of visual field tests carried out by MyVisualField Test vary according to the nature of the test chosen. For kinetic tests or for the static 36 point test, the average time is around one minute, while for amore complete 57 point test the time is around two minutes.

Every test carried out with MyVisualField Test generates a graph in real time on the mobile phone which is exportable and printable. Every test, being dated, can supply an idea of the progression in time of the condition under examination.


Normal sight

Integrated into a normal sight test with measurement of peripheral vision by using MyVisualField Test

Perimetry defects

Identification and monitoring of central and peripheral defects related to established eye conditions or those under observation.


Screening of individuals at risk

Screening of patients at risk of glaucoma or patients with a family history of glaucoma.


Hemianopia defects

Identification and monitoring of hemianopic defects.