The App for monitoring degenerative eye conditions

What’s it used for?

The App for monitoring degenerative eye conditions – What’s it used for?

Visual Field Test - When you need it?

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The aim is to simplify the process of patient-doctor interaction, by always having a Visual Field Test device to hand, one which is available worldwide, and which conforms to international standards for traditional tests.

The App for monitoring degenerative eye conditions

What’s it used for?

As peripheral vision defects often pass unnoticed, it is always a good idea to check how much breadth of visual field an individual has, even under normal conditions when no condition has yet been diagnosed.

The Visual Field Test gives you the chance to examine the correct functioning of the visual pathways and can be used for the screening and monitoring of certain eye conditions such as Glaucoma and/or neurological conditions which cause defects in or serious damage to both central and peripheral vision.

Today the Visual Field test for glaucoma is still the best test to determine the extent of the damage to sight and, by carrying out programmed checks, to gain control over the progression of the condition.

The test is additionally useful for screening purposes, or where risk of disease is suspected, for example for people who have a family history of glaucoma.

Visual Field Tests, while capable of providing a lot of useful information, have a limited accessibility as average waiting times can be up to several months. The carrying out of tests with a perimetry test machine as used by doctors and technicians requires time and investment, and is reserved for clinics, hospitals and healthcare professionals.

MyVisualField Test

What is a visual field test?

A Visual Field Test is an assessment of the breadth of the space in which the eye is able to perceive stimuli while staring at a fixed target point projected onto a curved surface. It maps out the extent of the peripheral vision. A visual field machine is usually used for measuring the visual field.


This uses the movement of stimuli of constant intensity and size in and out of the extent of the visual field. The size and luminosity of the moving stimuli can be varied.


Uses static stimuli of varying intensity which are projected onto a luminous background. Only the luminous intensity of the stimuli varies as they are shown in prestabilized fixed positions.